Vendor Showcase: O.N’E Creations

The Edmondson Village Farmers Market is a community venture. We’ll periodically introduce some of the Baltimore-based artisans who come together to make this all possible.

Meet O.N’E Creations

O.N’E Creations is a family business specializing in hand-crocheted merchandise. Founded by 20-year-old twins, Olivia and Elizabeth, O.N’E  focuses on expressing each individual’s style through unique, quality handcrafted accessories and jewelry. O.N’E plans to expand into clothing and shoes.

Our Media & Communications intern Nicole had a chance to sit down with the twin sisters, Elizabeth and Olivia, to ask them a few questions.

Nicole: Please state your name and where you live.

Elizabeth: I’m Elizabeth Cooper

Olivia: I’m Olivia Cooper and we live in Baltimore, MD.

N: Where are you girls from?

E: We’re from Washington, DC.

N: What brought you to Baltimore? How long have you been here?

E: Our parents…[laughs]

O: Too many years…

E: Since 2005–

O: Late 2005, early 2006.

N: How did all of this come about?

E: Olivia and I were already crocheting and thought about making charm bracelets too, so one day we just decided to do it and see where it would take us.

N: So does O.N’E Creations just include the both of you? Or does it include your other sister, Yael and your mother? If so, how does it feel to start a business with your family?

E: Our names, but since we’re starting out everyone’s under us..I guess.

O: And it can be frustrating, you’re not lonely–

E: It’s fun–

O: I don’t mind, not as controlling.

N: How did you come up with your unique name? O.N’E Creations?

O: Our initials.

E: We were about 11 or 12 and we thought it was cute–

O: We wanted to have a boutique–

E: And make couture things, like one of a kind.

O: We wanted to make something different..we were tiring of seeing people with the same stuff on.

N: Your cousin, Fatima Frazier who owns A Nice Few Pieces is also a vendor at our market. Did she give you ladies any advice on how to start your own business? Like expectations?

E: No [laughs], she just told us that when we make our charm bracelets that all the materials need to be real, not plated, so they can last longer.

O: But some of those materials are super expensive, we want to get it in the future, we just don’t have the clientele right now.

E: It’s a struggle but worth it–

O: And people want stuff custom made too..

N: Have your customers said anything about your products?

E: People say they like our scarves and headbands and think our Charm bracelets are very

pretty and we haven’t gotten any negative comments about anything we’ve sold.

N: What’s your most popular product? Is it primarily women who buy? Or do guys stop in and get things as well?

O: I think the bracelets are popular but people are more picky into buying them–

E: They buy the crocheted pieces, like the flowers–

O: And headbands.

E: Sometimes guys do buy the hats that mom makes

O: Yeah..we don’t make anything for guys, mom does.

E: In the winter, the infinity scarves are popular and so are the fringed ones.

N: Do you think your products are helpful to others?

E: No, the things we sell aren’t necessarily helpful in any way, we just hope they love our pieces enough to help improve their mood and make them smile.

N: You’ve included messages – especially, “Try Love” in your products. How did you come across “Try Love?” That’s a very positive and uplifting thing. What’s been the feedback there?

E: You would have to ask our mom–

O: Yeah, something about Park Heights community–

E: And it started around the time of the riots..We’re really not up-to-date with the news.

[We all laugh]

[editor’s note: Try Love is a program created by the Park Heights Commiunity Health Alliance in Baltimore –]

O: A lady did come up to us and tell us that she wanted to incorporate the message into her community.

E: Our sister, Yael, is able to explain it better–

O: So does our mom, because it’s a lot of information.


We hope you’ve enjoy this interview with Elizabeth and Olivia from O.N’E Creations. They’ll be with us most Saturdays from 9am-1pm.


To get in contact with O.N’E Creations:


Instagram: @onecreations31


Phone: 410-657-8893 (call or text)


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