Vendor Showcase: A Few Nice Pieces

The Edmondson Village Farmers Market is a community venture. We’ll periodically introduce some of the Baltimore-based artisans who come together to make this all possible.


If you’ve visited the market you may have lingered to admire the handcrafted jewelry at A Few Nice Pieces’ booth.  What began as a hobby for Fatima Frazier is a full time business today. Her pieces feature sterling silver, copper and copper patina as well as gems and glass. No two pieces are alike. This is A Few Nice Pieces’ second year with the Edmondson Village Farmer’s Market.

Our Media and Communications intern Nicole had the chance to sit down with Fatima, to ask her a few questions.

Nicole: Please state your name and where you live.

Fatima: My name is Fatima Frazier and I live in Baltimore, MD.

N: Where are you from?

F: I’m from Baltimore–West Baltimore. [chuckles]

N: Is this your full-time job making jewelry?

F: This is what I do, this is my new way of life. I make jewelry all week and I sell it on the weekend. I have worked for a non-profit agency with families for many years, but for the last two years, this is what I do. This is my work.

N: Are you self-taught?

F: I am self taught–a little of that, YouTube and some support from my dad. He made jewelry for many years as well. For the most part, I see a technique that I like, and I learn how to do it by basically finding a tutorial online.

N: So how did you get started–why did you decide to do a career change?

F: I actually started making jewelry about eight years ago and I was working full-time with families as well, I always knew that I was creative but I wanted to be able to make something. I think the reason I gravitated to jewelry was because I’m an earring fanatic. When I went to go buy earrings, I could never find what I wanted, so I wanted to create what I wanted. I just started with some basic beading, and people kept saying “Oh that’s nice, can you make me one?” That grew into somebody allowing be to be a part of a small market, and then expanding over the years.

N: Has anyone praised you for your work?

F: Well I do get a lot of praises, I have a great following at both markets that I do. I think one of the biggest things that was really happy for me was when I was out of town–in Virginia at a fair and I saw somebody walk by with my earrings on and she goes, “OMG, these are my favorite earrings. I wear them all the time!” So that was cool, to be out of town and to run into somebody who had earrings [that I made]. Where I am all day, ya know people walk by saying “I’ve had these for four or six years and they’re still going strong;” watching people wear them and talking about how they always get compliments. I think the ones that I make, I would wear them all but they’re typically statement pieces, so they stand out and they’re always getting complimented on. I think I was blessed with the talent to be able to–jewelry is always about symmetry and color and I think I have a great eye for that, and of course I’ve been blessed.

N: What’s your best seller so far?

F: Earrings are typically my best sellers, I think what I’ve done is–ya know I do a lot of sterling silver but I think when I started at the farmer’s market downtown, I started a group of people with copper that were not interested in it. Now that’s all they want and also my patina, not that they still don’t wear sterling silver but copper was new to them. I’m excited about the new techniques that I’ve done with patina, and that’s one of the things that sells best for me as well.

N: So how did you come to our farmer’s market?

F: Well I actually didn’t come to the farmer’s market, I think Jill [Harrison] came downtown and she asked me if I wanted to be a part of this market. When I found out that it was a new farmer’s market–so being a part of a market is great, but being a part of a market from conception is even better. Being able to grow with this market, starting when they started, is a great piece for me and I hope to continue.

We hope you’ve enjoy this interview with Fatima from A Few Nice Pieces. She’ll be with us on Saturdays from 9am-1pm.

To get in contact with A Few Nice Pieces

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