Vendor Showcase: Taste This Cake

The Edmondson Village Farmers Market is a community venture. We’ll periodically introduce some of the Baltimore-based artisans who come together to make this all possible.

Taste This Cake is a start-up baking business created by Jamillah Muhammad.  She offers an array of pound cakes, muffins, bread puddings, and cookies made from scratch using quality ingredients and products that do not contain pork or alcohol. This is Taste This Cake’s debut year at the Edmondson Village Farmer’s Market.


Our Media and Communications intern Nicole had the chance to sit down with Jamillah, to ask her a few questions.


Nicole: Please state your name and where you live?


Jamillah Muhammad on a market Saturday

Jamillah: Jamillah Muhammad and I live in Baltimore, MD–well right up the street, in
Gwynn Oak.

N: Where are you from?

J: I was born in Florida, but her [Carol, Jamillah’s mother] job–well she moved to New York and then moved here. We’ve been here ever since.

N: Do you have a full-time job? If so, what is it?

J: I’m a nurse, and have been a nurse since 2003. I have a B.S. and a M.S. in Nursing, and I bake. [laughs]

N: So when did you start baking?

J: Uhh, sheesh. I don’t know if I can put a time on it. It’s been a long time–years. But I started baking to sell in February [2016].

N: Why did you decide to turn a hobby into a business?

J: To be honest, I started focusing on how I wanted to spend the rest of my years because I came into nursing with a bad back and I knew I wasn’t going to be in it–on the floor forever. Then people actually like it [laughs]. Some people actually love it, so I figured “hey” [why not]. I get the most satisfaction out of that, it’s more fulfilling to me than nursing is right now.

N: So why the name “Taste This Cake”?

J: That basically–I like cake okay? I don’t eat a lot of cake and it frustrates me to hear people say “OMG that cake looks great!” But when they eat it, they’re like “Ugh!” So that’s my answer essentially, “Taste this cake!” I focused this on it [the cakes] looking good plus the taste.

N: By far, what is your best seller?

J: The Sweet Potato Pound Cake and the Strawberry Pound Cake. People here love the strawberry.

N: What’s your favorite thing to make?

J: I would have to say my bread pudding because I basically take my pound cake and then make it into bread pudding. Add a lot of calories but a lot of love. [laughs]

N: Is that why it’s so unique and so delicious?

J: Yeah, yeah, yeah–yes [laughs]

N: When people hear about your Lemon Blueberry Pound Cake Pudding, what are their reactions?

J: Well I have a lot of people standing here and doing commercials as we call them–”OMG! It’s so good!” You know, you can just tell it’s like a sense of nostalgia, their eyes roll back. [laughs] It’s a good feeling.

N: Do you think in the near future, you would ever open up a store?

J: I don’t know, even though I’m an introvert, I like the interaction. I don’t want to lose the personal feeling people get because I think a lot of people that make it to a storefront, they get so far removed from why they started [their business]. They lose focus, and I kind of don’t want to do that. I don’t know, I’m happy with what I’m doing right now. Of course I want to grow, but I’m content with how it is right now.

N: Ok, so how did you come to the farmer’s market?

J: Actually last year, my mom and I were doing a lot of flea markets, and I spent a lot of time on Pinterest–I do a lot of DIYs, anyway I saw a farmer’s market online and I recommended it to Jill [Harrison] that since the closest flea market is in Patapsco, why not have something here. Since then, I’ve realized that I could be selling cakes here. So it sort of shifted from flea markets to farmer’s markets.

N: How was that transition–how’s it been?

J: It’s been going well, I miss the flea market side but you know, we’ll get to that in the fall. [laughs]

We hope you’ve enjoyed this interview with Jamillah from Taste This Cake. She’ll be with us on Saturdays from 9am-1pm.


To get in contact with Taste This Cake


Instagram: @tastethiscake


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