Aunt Daisy’s Kitchen

Fresh Cooked Jamaican Food

Village Farmers Market, July 11th 2015, C Crews LR (39 of 40)Serving up the freshest Jamaican foods using only authentic recipes & techniques. Aunt Daisy’s Kitchen is a full service caterer specializing in Caribbean cuisine using only authentic techniques, recipes and fresh ingredients. We also offer blended and squeezed juices.

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Aunt Daisy’s Kitchen is the passion and ultimately the dream of Peggie Samuels. As a child in Jamaica, Ms. Peggie cooked and successfully sold food to her neighbors with the help of her mother. Migrating to the United States, she dreamed of opening a Jamaican restaurant in the Baltimore metropolitan area in the early 1970s.However, as a housewife and mother, Ms Peggie  thought it best to set aside her goals to successfully raise her children. Today, her children, grandchildren and great grandchildren have banded together to make her dream a reality.

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Aptly named after the aunt who helped to bring her to America, Ms. Peggie launched her catering business in 2013. Aunt Daisy’s Kitchen offers home cooked Caribbean foods prepared the way Mummy does it. Stop by and sample our comfort foods and drinks. We promise you’ll taste a little bit of home in each bite!

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