BAMI Products

Skin Care products

BAMI 1BAMI Products is a family run business that started in my kitchen as a result of personal skin challenges.

I first began making homemade soaps, and as a natural progression, I began to make other skin products. As manufacturer of our own products we have control over what goes in them. We use the highest quality raw
materials to produce a quality product. Our goal is to make a good moisturizing product without compromising on cost. To accomplish this goal, we use Grade A olive oil and shea butter as the main ingredient in most products.

BAMI 2A member of the Handcrafted Soap Makers Guild since 2002, BAMI Products is based out of Columbia, Maryland. We have participated in venues from New York to South Carolina and as far west as Detroit, Michigan. Web based, we have an extensive customer market throughout the United States.

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