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Bearfoot Farms - Farm HouseBearfoot Farms is a  1.7 acre vegetable farm in Northeast Baltimore. Before WWI and the expansion of the rail cars, Northeast Baltimore was one of the last places within the city to be developed. The ground was fertile and perfect for farming. Bearfoot’s original 19th century farmhouse still stands today.

Bearfoot Farms - Kyle Long

Kyle Long fell in love with Bearfoot Farms when his parents purchased the old fixer-upper farmhouse two decades ago.

While attending Dickinson College, Kyle worked on the school’s USDA-certified organic farm. Back home in Baltimore, he began to see the old farm through fresh eyes. He shifted  his career plans from  physical therapist to farmer.

How else can you eat amazing food and work outside everyday?

carrots and radishes from Bearfoot Farms

The 2016 inaugural season was a success, and Bearfoot is now a full time venture for Kyle.  He grows more than  50 different types of fruits and vegetables, and several varieties within each type. His goal is to be able to produce all the food he eats while increasing the health of the ecosystem.

He has planted dozens of fruit trees  along with over a dozen shade trees, strawberries, raspberries, figs, blueberries, serviceberries, elderberry, fiddlehead ferns, asparagus, wild leeks and many flowers for pollinators and bouquets.

Bearfoot also produces grains, mushrooms and herbs.  The farm is an incredibly diverse space with sunny open spaces to plant vegetables and fruits and a woodlot to provide habitat for a range of species.

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