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Garden of Vegan Logo BaltimoreGarden of Vegan Catering is a Baltimore-based 100% vegan catering company.

By creating Food So Good it Should be Forbidden, Garden of Vegan seeks to educate folks on the benefits of a plant based lifestyle — for personal health and to sustain the health of our planet.

Crabby Patty Vegan Crabcake Baltimore

Crabby Patty – a delicious vegan crab cake


Everyone — even diehard Baltimore crab fans – loves Garden of Vegan’s Crabby Patty. It’s an amazing vegan crab cake. They’re  great for vegans, vegetarians and people with allergies or sensitivities to shellfish, and they’re soy and gluten free.

Other favorites include the Everything Nice Bar and Cabbage Crunch Chips.

Garden of Vegan is  passionate about food justice, and believes that food can be used to liberate the minds and bodies of people all over the world.

Sample Menu Items

Everything nice bar

Crabby Patty – vegan crab cake
Crabby Patty mix to go (Cook your own crab cake at own)
Everything Nice Bar
Cabbage Crunch chips
Onion rings
Baked beans

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