Taste This Cake

Baked Goods and Nitro Cold Brewed Coffee

taste-this-cake-portrait400.jpgWhat happens when an RN indulges her love of baking? Taste This Cake!

Jamillah Muhammad started baking as an adult to relieve stress and conjure up memories of her childhood in Florida, and time spent watching her grandmother and her great grandmother at work in the kitchen.

When Jamillah went public with her baking, we’re proud to say that Edmondson Village Farmers Market was one of  her first stops.


Fresh, local, from scratch, with love in every bite!

taste this cake product 500

A self-described, nerd who is fueled me to make things from scratch, Jamillah shops locally and uses quality ingredients. Her products never use ingredients that contain pork or alcohol, and she says most people would be startled to learn about the number of things at their grocery store that do.

Scones and muffins on a Saturday morning are better with coffee

Nitro Cold Brewed Coffee

Because coffee makes everything better on a Saturday morning at the market, Taste This Cake now proudly pours Nitro Cold Brewed Coffee.

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