YOLO Farms

Farm Fresh Eggs, Cherries, Peaches, and Poultry

YOLO Farms is father and son – Marco and Matt Marchetti. They are a true family farm, with a focus on sustainability and permaculture.
cage free farm-fresh-eggs

If you’ve never tried cage-free eggs, you’re in for a treat. If you’re already a cage-free fan, you will love YOLO’s

The heartbeat of YOLO is their flock of more than 225 hardworking hens. These gals have a barn to roost, and the freedom to roam a fenced outdoor paddock.

YOLO Chicken

They’re fed an all-natural locally ground blend of corn, soy, wheat, and oats. There are no animal by-products or antibiotics, and during warmer months, the hens’ diet is often supplemented with fresh vegetation.

YOLO is also well-loved by market customers for their cherries and peaches. When they’re in season, be sure to hit the market early; they both sell out fast.

Peaches in cartons

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